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With more than 80 years of combined experience in business, The Phils - Philip Lanctot, Sr., and Philip Lanctot, Jr., - have a breadth and depth of experience in all areas of organizational operations - an extraordinary asset for you.

As an Advisory Client, you’re a discerning business leader seeking new opportunities to innovate for and elevate your business. Whether you require support and insight for a specific project, or ongoing guidance and coaching from a cultivated expert, depend on ASD Advisory Services to meet - and exceed - your needs and expectations.

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What are Advisory Services?

Advisory Services provide you with the C-Suite expertise, insight, and advice you need to make the best decisions for your business. Receive the top-level support you want with this customized, cost-effective investment in your company’s future.

We’re here to deliver results. Call on us for help with funding, technology, staffing, and more. We’re here when you need us, with no pressure, long-term contracts, or minimum requirements.

Scale The Smart Way with Business Growth Support

If your goal is to grow your business, call on ASD Advisory Services. The U.S.-based ASD Service Desk team becomes part of your organization, supporting you in key functional areas such as operations, implementation, customer service, invoicing, and collections. This is a practical, economical solution to managing essential daily operations, offering an alternative to costly office space and employee-related expenses.

Streamline Business-As-Usual with Process Engineering

Many companies don’t have well-documented processes and procedures, which limits their ability to grow. As an ASD Advisory Client, you’ll collaborate with our founder and principal Advisor, Philip Lanctot, Jr. (LINKTO: PHILIP’S BIO PAGE), to carefully document and refine your business processes and policies. Together, you’ll streamline daily operations and create a strategy to manage unusual situations; no matter what the scenario, you’ll be prepared to conduct business accordingly. Through Process Engineering with ASD Advisory Services, our clients have experienced stronger, faster growth, improved customer experience, and a less stressful, more productive professional lifestyle for company leaders.

Get the Competitive Edge with Go-To-Market Strategy Development

Is your company bringing a new product or service to market? Are you looking to create a strong customer awareness for your start-up, or a product or service already offered by your well- established company? Do you need to differentiate your company or its offerings from the competition? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need an effective strategy to do it. Your Go-To-Market action plan is comprised of many elements that require a superior knowledge of how to bring a company, product or service to market. With his expertise in this area, Philip Lanctot, Jr. will guide you through the development of this strategy and assist you with its implementation.

Gain Ongoing Insight with Executive Coaching

It’s always a relief to share your situation, your challenges, and your questions with someone who not only understands them, but who can also offer feedback and advice when you need it. Executive Coaching from ASD Advisory Services provides the sounding board, the insight, and the counsel you need to make the best decisions for your business. Whether you choose to focus on a specific initiative or area of operation, or you wish to examine and improve all areas of your business, working with Philip Lanctot, Jr., your Advisor, will bring fresh and innovative business ideas to the forefront.

Advisory Services On-Demand

ASD Advisory Services are available on-demand, designed especially for organizations that seek a long-term partnership for maximum results. Don’t do it all yourself; collaborate with ASD Advising Services to unlock your business growth potential.

IT Advisory Solutions

ASD is pleased to offer IT infrastructure and threat management advisory services to mid- market and enterprise-level customers. Experience the confidence and peace-of-mind that comes with a strong technology, information management and security strategy custom designed for your success.

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