• 1975 National Ribbon Inc.

    NRI is founded by Philip Lanctot, Sr.
  • 1978 New England

    NRI opens its New England regional office Norwood, Massachusetts.
  • 1981 Eastern International

    NRI establishes a manufacturing division with the acquisition of Eastern International in Levittown, Pennsylvania.
  • 1984 New Name

    NRI changes its name to NRI Data & Business Products, to better reflect the company’s expanding product line.
  • 1995 eCommerce Launch

    NRI develops a computer-based catalog and Internet-based ordering and account management system.
  • 1999 Managed Services

    NRI rolls out a managed services offering following the acquisition of three service providers.
  • 2000 Print Solutions

    NRI introduces managed print solutions to its service line.
  • 2006 Advanced Services Division

    NRI creates an Advanced Services Division to provide warehousing and logistics services, as well as professional services, including networking and data storage.
  • 2008 NRI Divests Printers Supplies and Service Division

    NRI sells the computer supply, printer service lines, and company name to FTC Capital. The remaining professional services business is rebranded as Aserdiv.
  • 2009 Product Sales and Engineering division is acquired by Transcend United

    Aserdiv engineering and technology sales business units become part of Transcend United Technologies.
  • 2014 Virtual Workforce Warehouse

    ASD Launches its Virtual Warehouse & Workforce (VWW) solutions.
  • 2016 Advisory Services

    ASD introduces its business and technology advisory services.