Every company requires customized services. These enterprise organizations utilized ASD services for customized solutions to meet their specific needs.

Heathcare Provider Logo

Major Healthcare Provider

  •   Warehouse & Distribution

Since 1999, a large healthcare provider - with over 2,000 locations nationwide and over 30,000 employees - has partnered with ASD to extend and enhance their field services operations. This organization utilizes the full spectrum of our services, including technology deployment, asset recovery and redeployment, and a range of other special projects.

UBS Logo

Enterprise Financial Institution - UBS

  •   Service Bench | Virtual Warehouse & Distribution

ASD assisted this New York-based financial services firm with the customization and multiple deployments of workgroup printers to more than 1500 of its locations.

QVC logo

Large Retailer – QVC

  •   Virtual Warehouse & Distribution

When ASD was still known as NRI, our company provided supplies management solutions for this major retailer’s printer fleet through customized service programs.

Riverbed + EMC Logo

Technology – Riverbed \ EMC

  •   Service Anywhere | Service Bench

As NRI and Aserdiv, our company assisted with project coordination and on-site installations for this major technology provider. We provided “smart hands” for deployments in locations throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and South America.

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