Philip M. Lanctot Jr.

A graduate of Lasalle University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Finance, Philip Lanctot, Jr., is a partner and general manager of ASD Worldwide.

Philip is a results-driven executive with more than 25 years of experience in the information technology and managed services industry. His deep passion for creating new products and sources of revenue is evident in his dynamic, resourceful approach to business growth. His experience spans all areas of business, including product development, finance, marketing, and technology.

As a driving force behind the corporate predecessor to ASD Worldwide, National Ribbon, Inc. (NRI), Philip skillfully and successfully transitioned the company into the electronic age during the 1990’s, pioneering the use of Internet-based communication, information storage, and e-commerce for his own company, and for his clients. Throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, Philip divested NRI’s computer supply and service offerings and established ASD Worldwide Fulfillment, creating a virtual warehousing and workforce that today, serves clients large and small with customized business solutions, including full-service warehousing, service desk operations, and IT field services across the United States.

Philip also serves as an advisor to business leaders, sharing his experience and expertise in business processes, business development, go-to-market planning, and more, so they may reap success similar to his own.

As a co-founder of Keystone NAP, Philip has brought his innovation and business expertise to this new offering. He’s collaborated with his colleagues to raise $20 million in funding to build Keystone NAP, the only advanced data center in the Northeast to combine extreme power durability and comprehensive network connectivity with the multi-tenant data center services, security, and capacity that today’s enterprises require. He has spearheaded product development and design to create a unique solution that is a scalable, flexible, and reliable solution to meet the ever-evolving IT landscape challenging today’s enterprise-level businesses.

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Philip M. Lanctot Jr.

Partner & General Manager of ASD.

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