Convenient, on-demand service to keep your business running.

Take ASD’s services ( Solutions page) one step further with our Service Anywhere solution. Coordinate Service Anywhere with our other business solutions or utilize it as a convenient, independent service for your business.


How does ASD’s Service Anywhere Solution work?

We’ll pick up, deliver, install, and set up. We can pick from the inventory in your ASD Virtual Warehouse space, or we can pick up equipment from one location and deliver it to a new one. Does the delivery require on-site set-up? No problem. ASD as a network of more than 1,000 field technicians across the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, who can install and set-up equipment once it’s delivered.

Use Service Anywhere whenever and wherever you need it. There are not commitments or fixed costs. In many instances, we can fulfill your request on the same day.

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